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Role of youth in economic development of nation after COVID-19

Role of youth in economic development of nation after COVID-19

Corona Virus,COVID-19, whatever we call has been the headache for the whole humanity. At the time when i am writing this, around 330k people have lost their life due to this virus. Time and again whenever human beings thought that they have won the world, a small unseen particular reminds us that nature is not a cup of tea for human beings. Spanish flu during 1920’s took away nearly 5 crore lives.

SARS did damage to china when it was in it’s peak. We human have been good enough to be scientific, modernized, and many medical equipment are made, but even the so called developed nations are not able to find the remedy of this corona virus till date i am writing, and as per WHO it will take ample amount of time for the vaccine or medicine to get developed to fight against that virus.

This scenario has asked for some respect towards nature from human beings so called most intelligent living creatures living in this world. Forget about past and concentrate on present is all what we have been taught, so i hope humans learned a lot from this issue and after facing the lockdown of almost 2 months.

Lets be concentrated on our own nation first rather than thinking about world and nature, as being selfish is all what human beings have learnt. Focusing on nation or giving priority to country is all what we should be doing now.

“Economically underdeveloped, politically devastated,” was the image of our small nation Nepal before this virus thing occurred. Although we have achieved some political stability for last 2,3 years, but economically tons of works are still undone.

Many experts believe that the location of Nepal geographically, is advantageous for development. Nepal should have been able to use the benefits from both China and India. But if you ask me, i have a different opinion about that.

Having been located in between two giant nations, whoa are giant in terms of landmass, economic wise mass production, heavily populated, and having no direct sea route we as a nation are suffering economically. Why? a genuine question that goes in our head when we hear such things.

Answer to that, as both china and india are heavily populated, consumption pattern in those countries is very good, similarly wage rate is also cheap when you compare with wage rate of our nation. When you find a nation with such cheap wage rate, huge consumption pattern, and a direct sea route to export the mass production, companies with huge production would definitely go there ,start manufacturing and why would they come to nepal?

We are already suffering with complex bureaucracy in our government structure, similarly to find the skilled human resource is a difficult task in Nepal, corruption and many more. We have not invested much on development of skills of our human resource.

Education in our country never focused on practical approach, we were forced to have theoretical approach of educating the future generation. When we see our economy we are almost dependent on India, our exports are mostly in india, our imports are indian products. And when a country like Nepal starts to develop its nation economically, a country like India would certainly not be happy.

If you can make a country economically dependent on you, you would certainly dont want dependency to end. Similar is the situation with China, invest heavily in a country, provide them loans and make those countries do whatever you say is the moto of china.

Why would i say such, we can see the example of Srilanka, how china has its military base on hambantota port of Srilanka. China pakistan economic corridor(CPEC) is another step to make pakistan suffer. I am not saying that both the neighbours are wrong but those with power would certainly want the powerless to be under their boots. What can Nepal learn? The best thing we can learn is to end the dependency economically, create more jobs within Nepal, and start production that could fulfill the needs of the nation at least.

Our country’s economy mainly depends on : 1. Agriculture 2. Remittance 3.Service sector. In agriculture and service sector mainly small and medium enterprises are running(SME). Due to the lockdown for about 2 months all because of the virus issue, all the business houses were forced to shut down their operations. The main effect of this lock down in my view was on SME’s.

Government should come up with the plan to revive these SMEs. We have many workforce working on informal sector, and on these SME. Lockdown has left the SMEs and the informal sector to be bankrupt.

Why SME to be saved? the answer to the question is that at around 50% of the work force of the nation is dependent on these SMEs. Once these SMEs are gone, believe me unemployment rate would be at it’s worst scenario. Our cottage industries, our small hotels, restaurants all fall under SME. Government must insure some security to these SME.

Coming to the main topic of this issue what can youths do to improve the economic situation after the corona Virus, i hope all of know that we are known as agriculturist nation. But for a nation to have some figures such as : as per report of fiscal year 2074-75 Nepal imported rice worthing around 300 million nepali rupees, Nepal imports flowers worthing almost 110 million nepali rupees, meat products of of nearly 2 billion nepali rupess, vegetables wothing around 11 billion nepali rupees, are not pleasing.

When we are importing vegetables, flowers, meat products, rice of such huge amount how can we call our self a agriculturist nation? When i talk about diary industry around 400k tonnes of milk is imported in nation annually. Yes i understand we dont have the resource of petroleum products, but these figures?

For the fiscal year 2074-75 Nepal imported goods worthing NPR 1245103223(*figures in thousnads) while its exports remained NPR 81359796(*figures in thousands)[source:]. Total Value of refined petroleum products in the same fiscal year stood at Rs 172.88 billion.

To be self dependent a country must try to reduce its imports and try to extend its exports. The alternatives of petroleum products is electricity, and being second largest nation in terms of water resource, still we are not importing electricity from India. What can youth do in this situation?

Many may think country is gone, youths must go to foreign and earn the money and send back to nation. But for me above figures must be encouraging to the youths to go back to basics and do something new in agriculture. A group of young generation can come together and start a venture related to agriculture, floriculture, horticulture. Diary industry is something to be explored, a new way of rearing the pets must be implemented.

If you can be a waiter in some other’s nation, and earn in dollars then why cannot the same person work in the field and grow crops and be an agriculturist? The concept of every nepali people must be changed. The concept of treating work in field as small work must be eliminated. To change the concept there comes the role of every young blood.

Believe me when a young boy with degrees starts working in the field , starts being an agriculturist and be an entrepreneur, he can influence many like him. And this is how you change the mentality of the people.

One main problem which i see in our country is that we lack skill in our human resource. This issue has to be solved as soon as possible. How can you solve this issue? If you ask me, first change has to be made in our education system. Real,practical based education must be implemented from level zero to masters.

Focus must be shifting the unskilled to semi skilled, semi skilled to skilled, skilled to highly skilled. In this scenario all those people who has got some skill under their belt and working for some other nation must come to Nepal and start transferring their skills to their fellow countrymen.

Government of nepal must ensure some tax incentives are given to those start ups who are willing to work to improve the skills of the people. Government must insure that skills of these people must be utilized in the nation itself, for that such environment must be maintained where these skilled people can make an earnings in a good way.

Similarly the youths of the nation must go back to the village and start utilizing the underutilized field for agriculture, floriculture. If there is production, then some other will start doing research and do marketing for the same which ultimately encourages the service sector too.

See the link here and have a vision when one starts production how many will get the benefit of the same. When i am writing this and when the people reading this will get a question have you discussed about the issue of middle man and their monopoly in agriculture?

Yes its a huge issue in agriculture, farmers wont get enough money for their products and in market same product is being sold in high price that means, all the majority of profits will go into the hand of middle man. For this supply chain must be studied nicely.

To study supply chain the government mus encourage the youths from different provinces of nepal and ask them to conduct a survey and give a report. The report must be studied and a clear action must be taken. If the role of middle man is reduced, believe me many young generations are willing to go to the field and work.

Another question is where will the money come from for doing the agriculture in an improved way? The answer is public private partnership i.e. PPP model. Similarly the big business houses must help the upcoming young generations who want to work in the field of agriculture, floriculture, horticulture, diary industry by financing their project or becoming a partner on that project.

Tax amendments are to be done to make nepal as tax heaven so that big guns from other nations would also come and start manufacturing the products, and help the economy gain its height along with their motto of earning profits. Another area which has remained underdeveloped in nepal is share market.

It is necessary to provide at least basic knowledge about share market and how it works to all the youths of the nation and encourage them to be a part of it too. Pharma sector is another sector or industry which has the potential for its huge growth in the nation.

Youths must be encouraged to be employer and not the employees. You might wonder why am i not mentioning the tourism sector as the main sector? Its because i doubt there will be huge increment in international tourist in the nation due to this corona virus effect for some long period of time. Similarly people inside the country would be in fear to travel lot.

In short i would love to request each and every individual who are willing to take loan of 200k-300k-500k-1500k to go to foreign country and work there, please do not leave the country because its the time to be in nation and be an employer and earn. If you are willing to take the loan of such figure as mentioned above, invest the amount in your own nation and work thinking each and every work you do bears equal worth. Believe me, your one step will encourage many. Youths of the nation has the opportunity to be the leader for the future and be the one for the nation.

Thats all from my side. I wish that soon this virus and its fear will gets its end.

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