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” The role of youth in the economic Prosperity of the country”



Currently, the corona virus has created a critical situation around the world. The country’s economic situation is likely to weaken if the World Health Organization declares a state of emergency.
Nepal is a developing country. The youth here have gone abroad due to poverty, illiteracy, social and political instability and various circumstances. This is a very miserable situation for the country.
Currently, some youths have entered Nepal due to the epidemic of corona. Some have lost their lives in foreign lands. In fact, after Corona, the role of youth in economic prosperity is a big hand. Many young friends who have gone to foreign lands to shed blood and sweat without finding employment in the country have now entered Nepal due to the virus.
Now we have to give them energy to work in Nepal for the country. The support of the youth is great for the economic prosperity of the country. Together, we, the youth, can carry out various development works in the country.
Youth are the strong foundation of the country. However, if the foundation of the country does not remain in the country, it is useless to see the possibility of development. Although the pace of development in our country Nepal seems to have increased in the fields of transport, education, communication, etc., it is not very promising.
For the economic growth of the country, we, the youth, should organize youth networks in our own tolls, make various plans and move ahead with the development work. And the voice of the youth should be able to inspire those working in political positions to work for development for economic prosperity.
When the corona virus is getting worse, then all the young friends should be fined for development in their country. Young people should also have a big hand in waste management in Nepal. Similarly, in order to attract tourists and earn foreign profits, the youth should pay attention to the cleanliness of temples, mosques and parks.
I believe that if the efforts of the youth continue, it will help in economic prosperity. In fact, Nepal is an agricultural country. Looking closely at the recent situation, it seems that access to the agricultural sector has reached its peak.
It is very important for us young people to take up agriculture. In fact, the mentality of the youth is spoiled just by saying that they have to cultivate the spoken language and read it well. But, now we must all work together to emphasize agriculture.
Since hard work is our knowledge, science, policy, religion, art and literature, life and the world, we have to work hard in our own country. This will strengthen the economic position of the country. If all of us work together to carry out development work in different areas with different plans, the country will get the success of the benefits of reconciliation.
We, the youth, can be involved in social service, waste management and other activities to improve the economic condition of the country. Our first boyfriend and girlfriend is Nepali soil. Peace, coexistence, mutual understanding and reconciliation are essential for today’s economic prosperity.
We are aware that the economic situation in Nepal will also ease due to the corona virus. In order to strengthen it, it is very important for the young friends to take the initiative to build agriculture, education, communication, transport and development from their own place.
In fact, many young people who have gone abroad with millions of dreams have been forced to return empty-handed due to the Corona epidemic. Even the earnings of some have not improved the nation. This has greatly affected the economic prosperity of the country. Some of the youths have visas but have been denied entry.
Now we should all work together to make the morale of those youth high and urge them to do something in the country. In fact, with the enthusiasm, vigilance and enthusiasm of the youth, industries are run in the country and development works are completed.
Therefore, the youth has a big hand in taking the nation to the pinnacle of prosperity by emphasizing on economic prosperity. In this situation in Nepal, public awareness programs can be organized with the participation of the youth for the control of environmental pollution. Public participation is the right or opportunity for everyone to participate in the whole work.
Only with the participation of the people can the country move forward at a rapid pace of development. In the same way, we, the youth, can make good use of their talents by conducting programs through various social media during this corona. We, the youth, should participate and move forward smoothly for the development of economic, social, political and cultural sectors. And only then the economic situation becomes stronger.

It is very important for us, the youth, to store in our minds our country, our soul, our culture, our pride, our soil, our love. We must all work together to give them a sense of development over time. The role of youth is also great in the work of social reform.

In the case of corona virus, we can also promote the insurance company for the relief of the loss from all the difficult situations in life for economic prosperity. We, the youth, must work together for the development of vegetation and food crops.

Looking at the whole country at once, it seems that the youth are driving the country in their power. But there are few young people in Nepal who are ready to lead the country. While many young people are confused in foreign lands. I am confident that the current economic prosperity will be surpassed by the current economic prosperity if we work in the country with the enthusiasm of the youth.

In fact, the country’s political instability, lack of peace and security, and even a handful of industries continue to close in Nepal. To stop this and increase activities like home business, we should now be with the youth. In the context of Nepal, the word agriculture was widely used in the first twenty-two states, as agriculture was the most important occupation of the people all over the country. Agriculture was also his main source of income.

But in the current situation, even in the hilly areas, the fields are very barren, due to the declining interest in the agricultural sector. This would be a huge loss to the country. Therefore, the initiative of the youth is necessary for economic prosperity.

It is undeniable that the youth has a special role or contribution in correcting the existing traditional shortcomings and weaknesses in the society. Because, in the rural society, the traditional conservatism has not been liberated. Looseness has increased in urban life.

The youth should support to stop this and make the country prosperous. Finally, linking the role of youth to post-Corona economic prosperity, the youth are the cornerstone of national development and social reform. With the indomitable courage and bravery of the youth, the society can be greatly improved.

Only if there is a development of a problem-free society, the entire country will change its course. The government needs to understand the role of youth in economic prosperity.

Writer: Sabina Khatiwada ,Galchhi-2, Dhading ,

Valley state college (BBA)

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